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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:42 pm


1. Common Sense
By common sense, we mean. Don't do anything stupid that only a fool would do! Don't do anything that would harm the website OR the good fellow members of this website. These rules are made to make sure that you feel safe and secure in this website, without getting bullied OR harassed.

2: Staff and Members Rights
When you register OR EVEN come on this website, you accept that this website is guided by staff and they make the rules that you ABIDE by. So if you get kicked out of a chat or banned from chat or WEBSITE without no reason, do not question in a negative way. Staff have their reasons and they have the choice not too share it with people who they do not want too be around for their own REASONS that break the rules or terms of agreement of this website.

3. Staffs Flexibilty
If staff ban you for breaking a rule, thats more lenient to their own rules, rather than the websites rules. That is fine and questions about it's unfair is going to be completely ignored. If the staff think that what you are doing is worth getting banned or suspended for a period of time with a explanation or not, is completely their choice and you should respect that(ofcourse you won't, because if your in this situation, you have complete lack of respect for staff and possibly people in the real world).


4. Flaming
Flaming means that you degrade a member of staff or member of this website with a derogatory word, or using a derogatory word that is implying to a certain member of staff/member. If someone is flaming you, please do not flame back. Would you rather get the person banned or suspended than getting a risky chance of getting yourself banned/suspended also?! Just ignore the person, the person who is flaming is most likely looking for attention, because they mostly lack attention and want it and get it in all the wrong ways. So do not flame and your time here will be more enjoyable than it could possibly be.

5. Disrespect to the staff/members
Disrespect is completely prohibited here and shall not happen. If so you can be banned straight away and depending on the situation, can be banned by IP and never allowed back on this website as a member again. We hate disrespect so much, we understand that some people do not want to be controlled. Furthermore, we are not controlling you, we are just keeping our 'Zelda society' a great place for everyone and to maintain a great society, we need no disrespect here.

6. Racism
Here's a short explanation of racism consequences: Racism of any kind+staff finding out=BANNED. We do not tolerate racism, under our skin we are all the same(except from those sick minded people out there).

7. Hack Threats
If we see that you threaten to hack our website or any member, that is threatning. However, a serious violation as it's also in the category*disrespect*. Do not attempt to hack our website. You shall fail and banned straight away. If you hack our website, we will take it seriously and make sure somethings done about it, serious action will be taken against hacking.

8. Copyright, Porn or ROM's
If you ask for a link to a copyrighted download or a ROM download, you could be warned, however posting a picture OR link can get your suspended or depending on the material banned. This website can contain ages of any kind and pornography is not accepted here. So please keep your dirty mind to yourself. We do not accept ROM's, we understand if you download a ROM and you have the game in real life, but wish for a back up copy, that ROM's are legal. However, we have no proof that you have a copy of the real game, so we do not tolerate it at all.

9. 18+ Material
Torture/Gore pictures on the website will be removed, no questions. Porn pictures will be removed AND you will be suspended. So do not attempt it. Remember this website is open to any ages, so we got to watch what we display on our website. Asking for these links to this kind of stuff is prohibited and if you provide a link, you will be suspended/banned.

10. Multiple Accounts
Do not make multiple accounts, if other people use the computer/laptop that you use and make an account, well that's fine. However, please do not make another account, no matter what reason. If you make another account we will give you 7 days, if there was not much activity on it, then it will be closed. IMMEDIATELY


11. Long space
Making a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng space without any words, or lots of letters like in the example of 'long' is not acceptable here. So do not do it. It's irritating and no one wants to see it. If you do it in a post, it will be removed instantly. No questions asked. If you do this in a chatroom, you will be kicked for a hour. If a moderator goes offline and you haven't be unbanned in a hour, well next time do not do it and you won't get banned in the first place.

12. Image limits
No pictures in the chat and no pictures that are 501x501 and above. Only 500x500 and under. If you post higher, your suspended for a day and picture will be removed, so do not do it, okay?!

13. Spam
The definition of spam means that you post words that are annoying and useless over and over again. That's our definition atleast, so do not do it. We take spam seriously, also commercializing yourself on a post or chat will get your suspended, instantly. No questions asked. Spam is annoying and we try to prevent it, so if that means getting rid of pesters like you, who do it. We will take actions that could be serious.

14. Useless Messages
Useless messages like, 'Hey, I like feet' OR 'I just ate a nail' is completely and utterly useless to everyone. Now it can be funny to you, however to most people your just a waste of message space, so do not do it, okay?! Nothing serious will be taken, however if you do it repeatedly in a chat, this can count as 'useless messages' and 'spam' so then actions will be taken in account. Sending them in a PM, is no big deal but can get you blocked by the user. To the people who get useless messages, just block the person, if it's annoying to you. Posting a useless message in a reply or post will get it removed and suspended, as we hate useless topics or replies.

15. Advertising
We understand that you can make your own forum and wanna get a head start with some people hopping on and signing up to your website. However, do not do it. It's strictly prohibited.

IV. Guidelines

16. Off-topic Posts
Posting a off-topic is stupid. We understand that you could be confused, I was confused when I first joined forums. However, say if you want to talk about Legend of Zelda, do not post it in Rules. Look for a Zelda forum, if you get confused, post it in the Confused forum, someone will answer you question and most likely tell you where this topic is suitable to go.

17. Acting someone who you are not
If you impersonate someone who is staff, that is 100% unacceptable. You will be banned from the website permanently. No further information, it's a pretty simple subject.

18. Unable to read your writing
If you write a reply, in chat or a topic and most people don't understand eg. whazzup wubu2 l8ly? = Hey, what you been up to lately?, I Am TeH BeST11!!11??>>, you will receive a notice from us, saying write in a more English standard. It isn't as long and everyone can understand.

19. Inappropriate PM's
Personal messaging is a great key feature on the internet and we have it aswell. However, do not abuse it by sending mean PM's or inappropriate content. If you do, most likely the person you messaged can get you suspended. Do not harass anyone in a PM also. Just because no one except you and then recipient of the message, can read the message dosen't mean you can do as you please. Harassment is considered a flame or a spam of any kind. Also can mean advertising if you never stop, although that would fall under spam also.

20. Signature
Make sure your signature isn't verrrrrrrrrrry long. As the word 'very' was. Keep it simple like mine(>>--Pancake), it's unique and short. --(name) is a acceptable signature, something like: jehfjdfhrg(djfj97358&66).dgdjgdh________________Johnathan, is not however.

21. Sarcasm
Do not use sarcasm if you think, when your saying it, not many people will get it and can take it as insult. It's better to keep sarcasm to yourself, however if you use it make sure that the recipient of the sarcasm gets it and will not take offense.

V. Consequences
22. The staff have 4 levels of consequences.
1. Notice. A notice is a short, friendly message, telling you that you are doing wrong and continuing can result in serious consequences. Notices are forced on when you do a minor rule break. Such as, posting a topic in the wrong place or useless messages.
2. Warning. A warning will be something like 'This is a warning, (reason), doing this again can turn into a serious consequence. Warnings will be given out when you do something such as, spam, flaming(depending on the level), harassment(on a small level)
3. Suspension. You will recieve a message saying that you are suspended from either, website or chat. If you get suspended from chat, you will recieve a personal message on how long it'll last. If you get suspended from the website, it'll normally last a day to a week. Normally you will get a PM and then be suspended in the next 24 hours, for a right to appeal or message back. You will get suspended for advertising, heavy flaming and harassment, disrespect to the staff/members.
4. Ban. Ban is the last line of action. Mainly ban means forever suspension. You have no chance of redemption. You can appeal since you will have 24 hours before banned from the website. You can get banned from chat, however redemption is still available, your rank will be de-graded to Newbie and you work you way up to your rank again, then shall you be able to come back into chat. As normal you will get a PM, ban is meant for racism, pornography, hacking threats, threats in general, constant harassment after suspension, very heavy flaming.

23. Right of appeal
Because we are only human, we CAN make mistakes and you can appeal and maybe win the right to be unsuspended or unbanned. You will have 24 hours. It's recommended you message all the members of staff, admins and moderators as if you message one, theres less chance of a message back in 24-hours. If you describe you situation enough and win the argument and you get a reply later than 24 hours, you can be unbanned, since you message clearly won already. However if not there shall be a debate. Witnesses can be asked but not friends.

24. Becoming staff
If you are a developer/contributor you have a chance of becoming staff, however asking can lower you chances alot. Do not ask, we will see if your mature and wise enough to become a site staff. The highest rank is WebMaster, however only one person is WebMaster and that is me. I have full control over the website and I can do anything I desire. Although Site Staff have alot of control also. Our ranking icons go up in Heart Containers. From The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess. 6 - WebMaster to 1 - Newbie.

Thanks for reading the rules and agreeing to the terms of agreement(the rules). We hope you have a great time on this website.


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