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 Kingdom of Hearts II Review

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Hearts II Review   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:03 pm

Hey, meretgm'ers. So want a review! Well you got one, this is a Sony Playstation 2 game, I have not completed number one of this game, however I do have it, so I should complete it! Anyway, I have completed KOHII and I loved it, my favourite PS2 game, of all time and is up there in my favourite games ever! So what's this game about, well this game is sort of linked with Disney in a term. You are a guy called Roxas, if I can correctly remember(Pancake has not played this game for a year), anyways. You are a guy called Roxas in this town with a couple of friends. Their good friends, best friends if you will. They chill-out togethor, however... later in the game, weird stuff happens, stuff that shouldn't happen in this world, most definitely not! So Roxas, being courageous tries to figure out, what IS happening. Anyway that's all I remember for the beginning. You go to this place on a train, because your looking for clues about the 'GHOST TRAIN'. Where you see Mickey Mouse(DISNEY). He seems to be someone important. Well that's all I remember there, next I remember is your in another world, and you go into the house and you see the three fairies if you will from 'Sleeping Beauty'(DISNEY) and they give you a power up and new items to help you out. Then you start going into Disney Worlds such as; A Nightmare Before Christmas(DISNEY & A AMAZING CHRISTMAS FILM), Hercules(DISNEY), Pirates of the Caribbean(DISNEY) and much much more.

This game is VERY creative and should be ALOT more popular, up there with Call of Duty, no one has made a game with so much creativity. Kudos too the creator.

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Kingdom of Hearts II Review
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