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 How to unblock school websites/ Make yourself an admin.

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PostSubject: How to unblock school websites/ Make yourself an admin.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:43 am

So this is yes, what you can call a bit 'random' for our website, but I did not want to make another website for ONE webpage on how to do stuff, I may may might might make a hacking forum, so people who like to do hacks can post there, but I do NOT want hackers on our website, which could lead to bad things, so here is the hacking :
Okay so first of all your going to need notepad open and most preferably CMD, but most schools are going to have this blocked, so we are going to need to hack CMD with notepad. So first of all make sure no teachers are around you, please don't do this in lesson since teachers can monitor what you do by Impero and get yourself a detention. So do this at break/lunch because teachers would rather chillout and talk to the other teachers and eat their chocolate cake and drink their tea. So if you have CMD(command prompt) blocked well then this is the code you type in notepad:
Then save this as CMD.bat , when you open this file to where ever you save it as you now have command prompt! So now we can do some hacking with CMD. If your that stupid and don't know where CMD is, it's in Start->Accessories->Command Prompt. If your still stuck, get off this website! Now when your in CMD type in:
net localgroup
You should see a list of groups, Administrators, Guests, HelpServicesGroup and Users. You want to be a admin most preferably to unblock websites, meaning basically your the schools technician.

So what you are now going to type is:
net localgroup administrators (your school username as mine is 09parrc so i would write 09parrc if yours was ismell you would write ismell) /ADD
Congratulations! You are now a school administrator, I still haven't explored more into this, so when I do I will edit this webpage, but I assume you could Cntrl+Alt+Delete go on Task Manager and remove Impero or whatever blocks your websites. By clicking on it and pressing end task.
Thanks for reading

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How to unblock school websites/ Make yourself an admin.
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