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 Chat Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:44 pm

The chat is a place for you to interact with other registered members, it's a place for you to enjoy and make new friends. Although fun has rules and you must follow these rules. Members should always stick with them and not break them any time in the chat, remember the chat rules are just as important as the website rules, as the chat can also play a big part in the website. So take this in serious consideration.

Insulting or degrading another member is strictly prohibited in the chat. The chat is the place were you can relax and have pleasant conversation about mainly games, but anything. Not a place were you pick fights against innocent people. Flaming in chat is the same as flaming anywhere else on the website. So depending on how serious the flaming was and how much blame is upon your shoulders, you can be kicked from the chat to suspended temporarily.

Trolling is a less severe form a flaming, theres not a fine line between them, however it's up too staff to decide which category it falls under. Although trolling will have a less severe consequence, but can still involve getting kicked from the chatroom.

3. Disrespect to the staff
The chatroom is no place for you to disrespect anyone, especially staff. Disrespect to a regular member is a kick from the chat maybe, on the other hand disrespect to staff can get you maybe banned from the chat, but most likely suspended from the chatroom. If you get into a debate with a staff, make sure you address your points clearly and not in any kind of insult, if staff kicks, suspends or bans you from chat and you disagree, message the WebMaster or another member of staff.

4. Religion Debate
If you get into a religion debate then your automatically kicked. If you witness a religion debate, STAY OUT OF IT. This chat is mainly about games and can be other subjects, but not religion. I am Catholic myself and we can have other religions in the chat. So do not start a argument/debate about religion. The only religion in this website is, GAMES. Okay!?

5. Bad Links
Putting up a link leading to, porn,pirate films(illegal film websites)(megavideo excluded) and hardcore gore/horror is not tolerable here at TGM. You can get kicked for the first time doing this, however the second time this happens you will get suspended. If it carries on you can get banned from forums too, as you could possibly bring malware/viruses, spam and hackers. So that could harm our members and website, so it's 100% not tolerated. CLEAR!?

6. Racism
We will NOT tolerate any racism in the chat as well in the forums! Anything to white-black racism, no kind of racism is tolerated here, if we catch you, your getting a automatic ban, your breaking the law as well as breaking the rules to our website, which means obviously you have no respect for the person, us and the LAW. So do not do it!


1. Swearing
Okay, minor swear words are tolerable. Racism swear words, long list of unusual swears words and swearing at members/staff is not tolerable and you will get a warning. Next step would be a kick if you get reported or caught again. Swearing at staff will get a automatic kick and then caught or reported will mean a 3 day ban.

Spam means in the chat, typing excessively at your own content. Typing dggfggdg,ddgg,sdfdgdfs,gdgdg in 2 seconds all in different messages. This is a minor offense you would get a warning then a kick. Although spam is a minor offense you should not disrupt someones conversation. If you type ddgggdjhfdg so many times and continue to do it, even when your let back in the chat, you will be removed from the chat until you gain some self control.

3. Advertising
We don't tolerate advertising. Saying this website is awesome go see it, is okay but don't say go to this website register and stay active or this is the best website ever, go to it, please, subscribe to it, is not tolerated since you advertising in my eyes and most likely in everyones eyes. Advertisement can get you warned and then next banned for 24 hours or less, depending on what the webmaster thinks.

1. Notice. A notice is a short, friendly message telling the recipient what they are doing wrong and what they should do to prevent everything going worse.
2. Warning. A warning can be 'this is a warning(about)' and what will happen next if you continue you can go into suspension or being banned.
3. Suspension. This is normally after a warning but can you can be suspended straight away. This is normally caused by swearing/disrespect of the staff. Flaming heavily and bad links of some kind.
4. Ban. Ban means your out for good my friend, 24-hour notice is not applied in chat, since your not banned from the forums and can read the message whenever. You have no chance for redemption except from informing staff/webmaster and see if you got banned for the wrong reason. However, swearing at webmaster once or swearing at staff alot can get you banned.
5. Forum Ban. If you are just so bad in the chat and no staff was there to see it and we KNOW that you won't change your banned from anything, a 12-hour notice shall be applied here.

Well that's the chat rules. Enjoy!

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Chat Rules
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