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 Ranks and Information

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PostSubject: Ranks and Information   Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:32 am

The ranks are a way to show how much you are respected in such a term on the website and perhaps how new you are and what you have achieved on this website. Here are the ranks.

6. Website Master
This is the creator of the website, someone who made the website and made it develop. Only one person can be the website master and they have complete control over the website and create the rules and have the final decision of everything eg. who is ranked up, getting banned and the rules. You may know the Website Master as Pancake.

5. Website Staff
These staff have a great deal of power over the website and can ban who they want, as long as the ban is reasonable and just because they don't like in the individual. They cannot change the website but can remove threads that are inappropriate etc.

4. Moderator
Someone who has worked to be in this position. They have semi-control in chat and forums, however they can ban people but must notify staff/webmaster first. They should be respected as they do have power but can not change the website as no one can except from Website Master.

3. Developer
Someone who has developed there reputation on this website and everyone is happy with this individual. They cannot ban anyone and but can help a banning decision.

2. Contributor
Someone who has spent a certain amount of time on this website and have posted a certain amount of replies/topics. They cannot have a say in who get banned, but are trusted, so reports of these guys can be looked in seriously. They cannot ban people and if they say they can, they are lying.

1. Newbie
A newbie is someone who hasn't spent alot of time on this website, not too familiar with the website users and haven't posted many topics/replies. These guys should be welcomed however, since they are new and shall be treated with respect, as anyone else.

Well thanks for reading all the stuff. You CAN NOT move up in ranks, until you change your profile information, Okay!?

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PostSubject: so how do i get in?   Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:17 pm

how do i get in?
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Ranks and Information
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